Free Webinar for Hockey Players Hosted by 10 Year Professional, Matt Korthuis 


And start playing this way IMMEDIATELY

Featured Case Study

How Jake Parker used these tools to play his best under pressure, and how this lead to being recruited by 5 different teams!

During this webinar, I'll walk you through Jake's story. How he felt like he could dominate in practice, but was not consistent in games.

You'll learn how he overcame this issue and how you can too. 

You'll also learn:  

  • My 3 step process for showing up at your best every night. 
  • Why mental training is the most overlooked and unnoticed part of the game. 
  • What Zdeno Chara told me about mental training and his approach 

How would you like to show up to every game focused, confident and ready to play your absolute best hockey?

Today's Goals: 

  • How to show up to the rink focused, confident and ready to play on a nightly basis 
  • Why becoming a more self aware human and figuring out who your are as a player matters 
  • And why most players “don’t make it” Or reach their desire result as a hockey player

What players are saying...

"If anyone has a son or daughter that is lacking self confidence on the ice you need to have them join hockey pro training. After my son started the program he started carrying the puck with more confidence and has a completely different outlook on the game. Don’t hesitate and join ASAP."  

“I have been loving the program! I had my last game of highschool last night and I went into the game probably the most focused I've ever been! ” - Ryan S.

“In my last three games, I scored 6 goals and got 3 assists so 9 points! I’m now the leading scorer of my team and I all of a sudden got way more confident! I’m also first center and I have a lot more ice time! Thank you! ” - Phillip

“I was named assistant captain of the team I was fighting just to make. Matt and his program have helped me so much with the mental side of my game! I realized it wasn’t all the skills I was lacking, it was the mental side and confidence too. Thanks again Matt!” - Chase T.

“Matt and his program have had a significant impact on my game. Since I joined I’ve consistently been playing some of the best hockey of my life! I’m more confident in my abilities and now make plays I know I’m capable of making. I'm excited to keep working on the mental side of my game as I know it's benefited me tremendously already. Thanks again coach!! ” - Reid

“The Hockey Pro Training Academy has helped tremendously in terms of building my confidence. It's helped me recognize the kind of player I can be and is helping me play to my fullest potential. I went from not making teams, to getting noticed by scouts, getting more opportunities and I know it will help me get to the next level. It changes your thinking process and is undoubtedly helping hockey players all over the world” - Nick

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